Repair or Replace?

How do you know if you should repair the glass, or replace it?



1. Is the chip or nick the size of a quarter or smaller?

If the answer is yes, repair or replace the glass  before the chip or nick grows larger.

If the glass is cracked, Replace the glass.

Note: Advanced Driver Assist Systems Glass requires special attention!


1. Is the chip or nick in the critical area (between the steering wheel and within the wiper sweep) of your windshield?

2. Is the chip or nick the size of a quarter or larger?

If the answer is yes, to either question-Replace the glass.  If the glass is cracked, Replace the glass.


Whether you are in need of glass repair or replacement,

Ace Auto Glass offers a full service menu!

  • Windshield Glass for All Makes and Models Cars, Trucks, Boats and Heavy Equipment
  • Original Equipment and Superior Quality Aftermarket Glass
  • Optical Quality Glass to Reduce Eye Fatigue and Improve Driving Comfort
  • Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS includes Lane Departure, Blind Assist Collision Avoidance, Head Up Display etc.) Ace replaces Windshields, Rear Glass and Side Mirror Replacement
  • Vintage Glass for older model vehicles
  • Boat and Heavy Equipment Glass, Tractor and Crane Glass
  • Glass for Buses, Emergency Vehicles, Military Vehicles, Cruise Ships
  • Custom Glass Cutting
  • Pack, Crate and Ship Windshield Glass
  • Ace Auto Glass Related Services
  • Door Mechanisms For Power Windows
  • Side Mirror Replacement Glass
  • Sun Roof, Tail Gate and Rear Glass



Ace Auto Glass’ certified technicians are experienced in both windshield repair and replacement and employ the most up-to-date methods for proper installation of your new windshield.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it recommended that the glass be replaced when there is a crack in the critical area?

After a repair, the crack may still be visible. This causes your eyes to focus on the crack (3 feet or less, in front of you) and not 100 feet ahead of you further down the road. When there is a problem within your field of vision, your eyes are forced to constantly shift from near to far causing eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue.

Is it ok to use duct tape of mailing/package tape to cover my window temporarily before I bring it in for replacement?

Ace Auto Glass has 9 locations where you can securely store your vehicle until it can be serviced. If your door, side or tailgate glass is broken, and you must cover it, please do not put the duct or mailing tape on the painted portion of your car. It does not take very long before the adhesive in the tape eats away at your paint, and becomes very sticky and hard to remove safely. At most, place the tape only on the chrome or rubber molding along the edges of the glass.

Will the repaired area be invisible?

Some customers are surprised that the repaired chip or nick is not invisible. Depending on the size of the repair, customers may be able to see where the chip was filled in with resin. Unlike as depicted in some commercials, it is rare for the repaired area to completely “disappear.” Rather, the resin helps prevent the chip from getting larger and turning into a crack and maybe a temporary fix. Some repaired chips may never get larger, but some will.

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