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Ace Auto Glass vendors are among the industry’s very best automotive glass suppliers and manufacturers, who produce glass, sealants and primers that meet or surpass the highest standards and quality controls for optics, safety and fit.


Better Optical Quality

Like Looking Through Clean Eye Glasses

People ask if they can put any type of glass in their car, not knowing that their front windshield glass is manufactured to strict standards of optical quality. Much like looking through the bottom of a soda bottle, inferior quality auto glass can have flaws that will distort what you see.

When Ace describes glass as “optical quality”, it means, short of enhancing your near or far vision, the glass in your windshield will be free of irritating warps or defects that will affect what you see. Much like optical quality eyeglasses, optical quality windshield glass will reduce visual field distortion, headaches, and eye fatigue.

Better Fit, Better Seal

Ace Auto Glass stocks a large inventory of original equipment and superior aftermarket glass that has been manufactured according to the industry’s strictest standards set by the Federal Safety Guidelines and by each automotive manufacturer.

Why Fit and Bond Matter

Ace Auto Glass only stocks glass that is factory engineered to each vehicle manufacturer’s strict specifications to get the very best fit of the glass to the vehicle, highest impact resistance, optical quality, and optimum wiper blade performance. The fit of the glass and the proper bonding of the front windshield to the vehicle is an important factor in how well the vehicle’s safety system performs, and in the event of a collision, the windshield helps support the vehicle’s structural frame in a roll over.

Original equipment and aftermarket glass is manufactured to fit the auto frame as perfectly as the original glass. The suppliers test each glass for quality control and inspect prior to shipping, and prior to installation, Ace certified technicians inspect each glass. Ace technicians use the most updated bonding methods and adhesives to maximize the bond of the glass to the vehicle.

Together, the fit of the glass and proper bonding assists in preventing water leakage and rust, and improves roll over retention.

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