Insurance Claims

Help With Questions About Glass Repair or Replacement Insurance Claims Is Just A Phone Call Away

Call our friendly staff at Ace Auto Glass who will be more than happy to assist you with the best solutions for an auto glass repair or replacement, filing an insurance claim, or if you just need some advice on a window problem. Ace Auto Glass has over 40 years of experience serving the islands and will help you find the right glass for your Car, Truck, Boat, or Heavy Equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m filing an insurance claim, do I have to pay the entire amount, or just the deductible?

In most cases, you will only pay your deductible. If you have questions, please call Ace Auto Glass.

How do I determine if I need my glass replaced or if it can be repaired?

The simplest way is to drive into any one of the 9 Ace Auto Glass locations and have our certified glass technicians inspect the damage. If you are unable to bring the vehicle in, there are a variety of determinations and descriptions by different organizations found over the internet.

At Ace Auto Glass, we use the following as our own standards so we can provide the most effective and safe repair possible:

  • A crack should not be within the edges of the steering wheel going up to the highest point of where the wiper sweeps the glass.
  • A star crack should not have any lines that extend beyond the size of a quarter coin.
  • A single line crack should be no longer than 4 inches.

Should I call my insurance company or Ace Auto Glass first?

Calling Ace Auto Glass first may help you determine if an insurance claim should be opened or not. This will depend on the work that needs to be performed, if parts need to be back ordered, your policy’s deductible amount, additional damages, etc. Should an insurance claim be needed, our Ace staff can assist you in opening a claim. If it is determined that your glass can be repaired, some insurance carriers will waive deductibles on repair only claims.

If you need your windshield glass replaced and already know your insurance deductible, you may want to call Ace Auto Glass first to check on the price of a replacement glass. Many times a replacement glass is lower than most deductibles, this will avoid the need to file a claim.

Am I able to use any glass company I choose or do I need to go to where my insurance company sends me?

The consumer has “the right to choose” the auto glass provider of their choice. Some insurance companies contract their glass claims to a third party network or a specific glass provider, which means if a specific glass shop is not requested, claims are automatically directed to the insurance company’s chosen providers. Asking for the glass repair shop of your choice will assure that you don’t leave your repair up to chance or be directed to a shop that has the lowest bid.

If I have already received an estimate for my glass and want to use my insurance coverage, what should I do next?

Call Ace Auto Glass and we can walk you through the steps and assist you with filing a claim. Once a claim has been opened and a claim number is received, the repair process can begin. Remember to ask for the glass shop of your choice, otherwise you may be directed to the insurance company’s choice of auto glass provider(s).

What if I want to get my vehicle repaired now but can’t confirm insurance coverage?

Many insurance companies may reimburse an insured less their deductible,  provided they have a receipt. Be aware, this is not a guarantee that you will be reimbursed so unless you are sure that you have coverage, you may want to confirm coverage before repairing / replacing your glass.

Will my insurance premium go up if I file a claim?

Most companies assess auto losses as Comprehensive (Vehicle stationary) or Collision (Moving or ran into) depending if the vehicle was moving at the time of the loss. Depending on the kind of damage, how it was damaged, who’s at fault, etc., this will determine your deductible, any increase in rates, or loss of discounts. You should check with your insurance carrier to see if and how a claim will affect you. 

What should I do if my side window is shattered?

Call Ace Auto Glass to inspect the broken glass area for additional damages which may prevent the installation of a new glass. Ace will also provide the clean-up of the broken glass in that area.  Having the area cleared of personal items will greatly facilitate the clean-up process. Should a part need to back ordered, Ace will film wrap the broken glass area to prevent water from getting into your vehicle’s interior, and/or provide secure overnight storage.

Just like any other insurance glass claim, considering your deductible amount will determine if a claim should be filed.


Should you choose to tape up the broken glass area, the best method is to tape on unpainted areas such as chrome moldings, other glasses, inside the door opening. Avoid using Duct Tape, Clear Mailing Tape, or any other tape that is difficult to remove. Some of these tapes can peel off the vehicle’s paint when removed or be extremely hard to remove the tape adhesive when left on for an extended period of time.

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