Chips, Nicks, Cracks


Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it recommended that the glass be replaced when there is a crack in the critical area?

A chip is an actual breakage in the glass such as a bull’s eye, star crack. A nick only dents the surface of the glass but does not leave a crack of any kind. A crack is line break in the glass, most likely in the top layer.

If the chip is smaller than a quarter, and not within the driver’s direct field of vision, repair may be an option. Ace certified technicians will recommend the best and safest solution for repair or replacement of a windshield, depending on the size and location.

Can I use a do-it-yourself chip repair kit? What's the difference?

A professional repair is performed using equipment that can cost in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Professional equipment offers the best chance of performing a good repair. The steps in the repair process consist of many pressure and vacuum cycles, and the ability to form a good seal is important for a successful repair. Many of the “Do it yourself” repair kits don’t offer adequate pressure and vacuum and fail to allow the resin to reach to the ends of the crack. Once the resin has cured, there is no way to allow more new resin in, and the glass has to be replaced. Ace Auto Glass certified technicians repair windshield nicks, cracks and chips everyday. Much like painting a wall in your house the first time, using a do-it-yourself kit probably won’t produce a professional result.

If my vehicle has advanced technology auto glass, and the windshield has a chip or nick, can it be repaired instead of having the entire windshield replaced?

If the chip or crack is in the direct field of vision of the advanced system camera and/or the driver’s direct view, then the windshield must be replaced. If the glass is not replaced, the chip will cause  distortion and the safety system will not work properly.

Why Use An Ace Auto Glass Certified Technician?

• Ace technicians are experienced in preparing, cleaning, applying resin, and taking steps to ensure the repaired surface is as smooth as possible.

• Ace technicians use professional equipment that uses pressure to fully fill the damaged area with resin.

• Ace uses high grade cleaners to prepare the area-generic kitchen cleaners will not clean the surface enough to ensure a clean set or the resin in the crack/nick.

• Ace uses professional, high-grade resins to repair the area.

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