5 Point Check

Ace Auto Glass Inc.
5 Point Windshield Check

Ace Auto Glass introduces the 5 Point Front Windshield Check at all 4 Oahu locations in Kalihi, Ward,Pearl City/Aiea and Kaneohe.  This is a FREE service  provided by Ace Auto Glass.  Ace Auto Glass will inspect the vehicle’s currently installed front windshield for optical quality and clarity. The inspection may identify potential bonding concerns that may cause, or have already caused leaks. Inspections are done on a first-come, first served basis, or by appointment. Customers may call Ace Auto Glass locations for more details.

Our 5 Point Checklist*

Check the Optical Quality of Glass-make recommendation

Check for Visible Bonding problems and leaks* make recommendation

Check for Nicks and Cracks*make recommendation as to repair or replace

Check for Contamination on glass-recommend replacement or cleaners

Check Wiper Blade condition-recommend replacement

*Disclaimer: At the time of inspection Ace Auto Glass will inspect the vehicle and make recommendations to correct any and all issues included in the inspection. Customer releases Ace Auto Glass from any and all damages sustained if client elects to not act on recommendations made by certified technicians.

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