Side Mirror Replacement


Once or maybe twice in your lifetime of driving, you may have the unfortunate experience of knocking off your side mirror, or the glass gets cracked.

Mirror Replacement

Customers often ask if they can go to the hardware store and replace their side mirror with a generic mirror. Everyone wants to save a little money, but the type and quality of mirror glass is different than what you might find at a hardware store.

Automotive mirrors are made of a special glass that absorbs the light of an approaching vehicle from behind your car. This is the only kind of mirror that can be used on highway rated vehicles.

Ace Auto Glass carries and installs replacement mirrors for all makes of vehicles. Replacement mirrors are original in fit and color, high quality and are guaranteed to be break-free.

Side mirror glass is specially made to reduce glare.

Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) When Your Side Mirror Has “Blind Assist”

Many of today’s new cars and trucks have auto dimming capabilities to deflect glare from the headlights of vehicles approaching from behind you, and/or sensors to detect other vehicles to assist in changing lanes and identifying blind spots.

If you have a Blind Assist System, your side mirror is equipped with a camera which must be calibrated after your side mirror has been replaced.


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