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High Quality Optical Glass

Every year, glass industry leaders spend hundreds of hours on product research and technician training to insure the safest and highest level of service in the industry. Today’s vehicles often have highly advanced safety components built right into the glass; knowing how to deal with these systems is a big part of a proper installation. Ace certified technicians keep up to date with the technology and are trained and tested on a regular and frequent basis.

High Installation Standards – “Ace Sure Set

All Ace Auto Glass windshield installations meet or exceed the Federal Safety Standards for bonding. The bonding is a critical part of a vehicle’s performance and safety system.

All adhesives used meet or exceed Federal Safety Standards for tensile strength and lap sheer strength, insuring proper bonding.

Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS)

If you have Lane Departure, Blind Assist, Collision Avoidance, Head Up Display or Rain Sensors on your vehicle, you have “Advanced Glass”.  Special care is required to ensure the systems are working properly after a windshield glass or side mirror replacement. Ace Auto Glass will alert your manufacturer’s service department that your windshield has been replaced and requires calibration of the camera.

Same Day Service

To reach their same day service goal, Ace’s nine locations on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Hawaii and Guam, stock the largest inventory of original equipment and highest optical quality aftermarket glass in the Pacific. In the event parts need to be ordered, Ace Auto Glass locations are secure to protect your property overnight.

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