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Glass Cleaners and Coatings for Auto, Home and Boats

A frequent question that Ace technicians hear is” Is there a difference between glass cleaning products used in the home on windows and glass surfaces and professional products?” The answer is yes, you can use a product made for window glass, but it might be streaky and not clean as well as a professional product that is formulated to cut automotive grease and oil grime.

On the other hand, Ace Auto Glass has put together a trio of unbeatable products that produce superior cleaning and water beading action, for use on cars and around the home. The same professional grade products are used everyday when repairing and replacing windshields at Ace. When installing a new windshield, cleaning the surface properly and thoroughly is one of the most important steps in the process.

STEP 1: SCRUB with Ace Water Spot Remover IMG_1082

Renew your auto, home or boat glass with Ace Water Spot Remover, a heavy-duty cream cleanser that deep cleans glass safely and effectively without strong acids, alkalis, phosphates or solvents. It removes all build-up: water spots, lime, minerals, insect splatter, road salt, waxes, tree sap, organic stains and road grime. A clean glass surface will improve windshield wiper performance and offer outstanding visibility.
Use Ace Water Spot Remover to clean hard water spots on glass, shower doors, Formica, porcelain, chrome, fiberglass and stainless steel.

STEP 2: CLEAN with Ace Power Glass CleanerIMG_1078

Ace Power Glass Cleaner foaming action helps to lift dirt and oils that are in the pores of the glass offering a higher level of clean. Used together with Ace Water Spot Remover, this product cleans and leaves a fantastic shine.

STEP 3:  PROTECT with Ace Rain Clear IMG_1085

Helps prevent build up of road grime by sealing the microscopic pores in the glass with Rain Clear (TM). This thick gel creates a super smooth invisible barrier that repels rain, salt, mud, bugs and grime for improved visibility and safer driving.

Clear Glass Care Kit -$24.95IMG_1465

Use Ace Auto Glass Water Spot Remover, Power Glass Cleaner and Rain Clear, together to power clean and protect your glass with Ace’s trio of professional products for unbeatable results. Bonus! Non-abrasive sponge to help with stubborn spots! Great for autos, boats and in the home!

Clear Glass Care Gift Kit (Holiday and Special Promotions)

Surprise your gear-head friends and family with Ace’s Clear Glass Care Gift Kit. Ace’s power trio of Water Spot Remover, Power Glass Cleaner and Rain Clear, are bundled with a coupon for replacement windshield wiper blades and a non-abrasive scrub sponge, all attractively wrapped. Available upon request and during special promotions.

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